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 the Whistler FM
Ride Report
Listen in every weekday to the Whistler FM Ride Report, for what’s going on daily in the Whistler biking scene. Need tips on colour coordination? Pink does not go with magenta - so just forget about it!! We’re only giving the straight dope — info on local rides and races for cross country, do...

 to WIN!!!!
Show Us Your STICKER
Wanna win a prize for stickin’ on a sticker? Grab the all new twenty fourteen limited edition Whistler FM sticker; slap it on, take a pic of your stick and send it in. Stick it to your Thule roof case, your happy place other people’s children!! Stick it somewhere naughty, stick it somewhere nice.....

 weekdays at 5pm
Whistler FM Live @ Five
Nesters Liquor Store presents the 101.5 Whistler FM "Live At 5" - a choice, live track from deep within the Whistler FM sonic vault...every weekday afternoon at 5pm.

WhistlerFM Inside Video
WhistlerFM Inside Video
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