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 at Whistler Brewery
Whistler FM Karaoke LIVE
Join the 101.5 Whistler FM Roadshow with Meaghan M, Wednesday August 5th for Karaoke LIVE from the Whistler Brewing Company Tap House in Function Junction from 7 to 10 PM...

 Saturday August 15th
Cheese Rolling Festival
Cheese Rolling is deceptively simple: an 11-pound wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill and everyone chases it, slipping, tripping and tumbling on the way down. The lucky winner gets to keep the cheese, and gets two ski season passes to Whistler Blackcomb!

 We Have Blue Balls
101.5 Days of Summer Contest
Weve got blue balls. For real. We have thousands of them, and now you, can have blue balls too. Its Whistler FMs one hundred and one point five days of summer contest, with not one, not two, but THREE extraordinary trips to be won...

WhistlerFM Inside Video
WhistlerFM Inside Video
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