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 weekdays at noon
The Whistler FM Old School Lunch
Need something to do on your lunchbreak that doesn't involve Facebook or Lean Cuisine?

Tune in to the Whistler FM Old School Lunch, for deep-fried beats, tasty stewed funk, and sweet-baked melodies for dessert. Ding!!! FoodÂ’s up. Feed your spirit, order up the Whistler FM Old School Lunch, Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 1pm on 101.5 Whistler FM.

Served up hot, fresh and tasty by Splitz Grill on Main Street. Whistler's Authentic Homestyle Burger Joint. Open daily from 11am until late.

The best way to visit Splitz Grill is in person of course!! Or, online at splitzgrill.com.

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